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Returns and Refunds - What Are Your Rights Over the Christmas Period?

20 December 2021

Whether you’re frantically running around finishing your Christmas shopping or already have it sorted, it’s important that you are aware of your consumer rights. Luisa Perez outlines what the consumer laws are when returning products and how they apply to you.

Back in the Saddle - Dealing with Landlords Now You're Back in the Office

14 December 2021

Businesses across Australia experienced several lockdowns and restrictions this year. James Bijen explains how commercial tenants in New South Wales can utilise extended government protections to alleviate some of their financial stress through reduced rental payments. If you are a business in NSW or anywhere in Australia and need help with your lease please contact us.

These Three Tips Will Save Your Business Thousands

8 September 2021

What's more important to you? Not wasting money or preventing personal misfortune that affects all the people around you?

Find out how to avoid both situations with Juan's tips on how he saved his clients money and their relationships. Juan Perez recently gave the keynote presentation with the Reg Tech Association, a not-for-profit organisation with members across the globe that promotes good corporate practices and compliance in the regulatory technology space.

Using real-life case studies, Juan outlined three of the main risks businesses face and how to dodge them. These risks are:

Risk 1 - Disputes between founders - how a shareholders agreement can save your relationships and legal costs down the track.

Risk 2 - Theft of intellectual property - how to prevent and deal with staff stealing your clients and becoming a competitor.

Risk 3 - Competitors using your brand to ride on your goodwill - how to protect your brand. Juan shares the details of a recent case where an Australian proprietor is fighting a million-dollar US court judgement.

The feedback from attendees was that the presentation was very informative, relevant and helpful to any business owner. You can watch this presentation here.