Intellectual Property


Whether they know it or not, all businesses have intellectual property that needs to be managed and protected.  For instance:


  1. Your business name and brand can be your biggest asset.  It’s how your customers know you.  It’s the goodwill and value you build up in your business.  Your name and brand can be protected by a trade mark registration that gives you the exclusive right to the name for 10 years.  Just having a business name or company name registration is not enough to stop others using your name or claiming you are breaching their trade mark rights.

  2. Copyright exists in your business materials including website, advertising, books and manuals. 

  3. Your unique ideas, designs and inventions can be protected with patents, designs registrations and confidentiality agreements.


Quest Legal are intellectual property lawyers.  We advise clients throughout Australia and overseas on protecting and commercialising their intellectual property.  This includes preparing and lodging trade mark applications in Australia and internationally.

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